General Tikka Khan : Kallar Syedan

General Tikka Khan

General Tikka Khan was born in the village of Jochha Mamdot (Tehsil Kallar Seydan)  in 1915 (in what was then British India). He was a graduate of the Indian Military Academy at Derahdun, and was commissioned in 1939.
He fought in world war 2 as part of the British indian army, and was injured on multiple occasions during the fighting. He was in action in numerous battles on both the Burmese and Italian fronts. He was also a prisoner of war for more than two years during the war, before he and his fellow troops escaped from their captors.
After his return from World war 2, he was an instructor at the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun for some time. During the Partition of India, Major Tikka Khan remained in what is now Pakistan (Jochha Mamdot Tehsil Kallar Seydan), and became an officer in the Pakistan army.
He was promoted to the rank of Major General in 1962.